Rhodium Plated VS Non-Plated Natural Gold Silver Jewelry
(Which one is good for you?)
⭐️ What is Rhodium?
We all know about Gold & Silver, but about Rhodium, generally there is very less awareness. Rhodium, is a precious metal - like gold, silver, platinum. It is found as a by-product in Platinum mining, less in availability, expensive & brittle in nature. Thus, it is used for jewellery plating purpose & generally, you won't find any jewelry made completely from Rhodium.
 Positive Side: What are benefits of Rhodium Plated Jewelry?
When plated, Rhodium provides a hard coating to silver or white gold jewelry, protects it & prevent tarnish. Surface polish looks fabulous, thus buyer get attracted towards it. In jewelry's beauty aspects, Rhodium is awesome.
 Negative Side: Which is a healthier & long term good option: Rhodium Plated OR Non-Plated Natural Gold Silver Jewellery?
Rhodium plating avoids direct contact of Skin to Gold or Silver in jewellery, automatically eliminating health benefits of using Gold or Silver. From ancient times, Gold and Silver are celebrated as sacred precious metals, with beauty, spirituality & health benefits to humans, specially women. In ancient scriptures on Ayurveda & Yoga, it is recommended to use Gold & Silver for health benefits. In ancient India, China & Egypt, the royal families & wealthy ladies & gentlemen, were served food & drinks in Gold & Silver utensils, plates & glasses, to avail its health benefits, thereby increase their life. Thus, in view to the Health Benefits, it is always recommended to use Gold Silver jewellery in their natural form, without any plating. As Rhodium is brittle in nature, the Rhodium plating peel off / worn out, due to daily regular use of jewelry like ring, bangle, bracelet, anklet, nose-pin, necklace, toe-ring etc, & require re-plating. Also, Rhodium plating is used as a cheating practice by unethical craftsmen, jewelers & traders. Rhodium plating hides the base metal, thereby making it hard to detect the base metal by general customers. It also hides faulty workmanship.
💐 Conclusion: Instead of focusing only on short term aesthetic benefits, if we consider long term beauty & health benefits, then it is always recommended to use Gold & Silver in their real natural form, without any plating.
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27th January 2020


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