For many years the fashion industry did not cater to full-bodied women. Curvy queens learned by example the best way to dress fuller bodies was by hiding them with overlapping garments. Over the last decade more clothing brands are choosing a size inclusive approach to plus-sized high-fashion clothing. It is very refreshing to see the fashion industry's positive response to the pleas of fuller figured women seeking better fashion options. 

Plus-Sized Fashions in 2022

Now-a-days, bodies of all shapes and sizes are being appreciated and celebrated. The standards in high-fashion and social media are shifting and showing full-bodied women that their curves deserve to be highlighted, not hidden away. Plus-Sized Clothing Stores are carrying high-fashion items that reflect the trends of today, leaving yesterday's image of the full-bodied woman behind. Women with curvy figures are now able to choose clothes that make them feel sophisticated, sexy, chic, and confident. 

What are Plus-Sized Women Currently Wearing?

If you're full-bodied looking to dress stylish and high-fashioned, take a look at some of our favorite plus-sized trends for 2022 that curvaceous cuties like yourselves are currently wearing.                     

  • Mesh Tops   
  • Body-Hugging Dresses
  • Leather Jackets
  • Bold Prints
  • Wide-Legged Pants

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